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Composite Fillings

If you experience tooth decay or a chipped tooth, fillings may be required as they are a common dental solution to treat these issues. Over time, the type of material used for fillings has advanced from traditional metal amalgam fillings to composite fillings. At Solstice Smiles Dental in Petworth, we opt for composite fillings made from tooth-colored resin to give that natural look to your teeth. The composite resins used today are extremely durable and bond to the natural tooth structure more easily, making your tooth stronger in the long term and less susceptible to cracks.

Composite Filling Treatment

The area around the required filling will be numbed and all the decay will be removed to prepare the tooth for the composite resin filling to be placed and bonded to the tooth structure. This procedure is relatively simple, and usually, Dr. Fitz can carry out the composite filling treatment in one session.


Tooth decay can occur when you:


  • Have a diet high in sugar

  • Lack a proper at-home oral routine 

  • Don’t visit the dentist regularly for exams and cleanings


It’s important to be aware of the foods and beverages you consume and take care of your teeth with daily brushing and flossing. It’s also crucial to keep regular appointments with your dentist in Petworth to have your teeth professionally cleaned and examined to ensure there is no buildup of plaque or tooth decay.

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