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Tooth Extraction

If you’re one of the many people who are not lucky enough to have their wisdom teeth grow straight or have enough space in your mouth to accommodate them, you may need your wisdom teeth extracted. Another reason why you may require tooth extraction is if you delay visiting your dentist for so long that your tooth is fully decayed and there are no options left for restoring it.


Dr. Fitz will review your dental needs at your appointment at our dental office in Petworth to establish if you require a tooth extraction.


Sometimes we may recommend removing wisdom teeth as a preventative measure before they negatively affect your other teeth. Dr. Fitz will perform a visual exam as well as take digital X-rays to decide if removal of your wisdom teeth is necessary. A lack of space or abnormalities in their growth may lead to worse dental issues down the road.


Another common reason for tooth extraction is for young children who have extra teeth and we can prepare the mouth for orthodontic treatment.


Whatever the reason, you can trust Dr. Fitz and her dental team in Petworth, D.C. to ensure you have the most comfortable farewell to your lost teeth.

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