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Chronic Jaw Pain: TMJ / TMD

Chronic jaw pain can be excruciating and extremely frustrating, so Dr. Fitz would love to find you a solution.


Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) refers to the issues that affect the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which are the joints you find in your jaw. Some people refer to chronic jaw pain as TMJ but note this actually refers to the jaw joints themselves and not the disorder. 


Signs of TMD can include:


  • Restricted movement around your jaw bone or muscles

  • A clicking or popping sound while you chew

  • Persistent headaches

  • Pains around the jaw area


Don’t delay making an appointment so Dr. Fitz can review your aches and pains, and help improve your symptoms. If she diagnoses you with TMD, she may be able to provide you with conservative at-home remedies such as taking medication, using bite guards, or attending physical therapy. However, some TMJ disorders may require orthodontic work or surgery. Your case will be reviewed during your appointment at our dental practice in Petworth and your treatment plan will be recommended for your specific needs. 


Before your appointment, you may consider some minor changes to relieve your soreness, for example by eating softer foods and working on ways to relieve stress that can lead to clenching and tooth grinding which can worsen TMJ issues.

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