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Meet Our Team

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We Look Forward to Welcoming You!

We are an experienced and caring dental team committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding dental experience every time you visit our Petworth practice!


We believe what sets us apart is how we treat and care for our patients. You will never be rushed or forced into a treatment that you are not comfortable with. We take pride in listening to your needs and spend the necessary time with you to make sure you are well cared for and feel relaxed and comfortable. We are committed to providing you a high level of attention and with nothing less than 5-star service.  

Clinical Team

Photo of Petworth DC Top Dentist Leslie-Anne Fitzpatrick, DMD MPH

Hello! I am Dr. Fitzpatrick. Welcome to our practice! My patients affectionately refer to me as 'Dr. Fitz'. I am passionate about providing exceptional and comprehensive dental care, including preventative, restorative, and implant dentistry for patients of all ages. 

I am a graduate of the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine. I am originally from Trinidad and Tobago and my family and I are proud long-time residents of Petworth.  

Kat Dental Hygienist Solstice Smiles Dental

Dental Assistant

Hello! My name is Katina (Kat). I have been part of the Solstice Smiles Dental team from day one! 


I am a proud D.C. native and I have over 20 years of experience as a dental assistant. I take pride in helping patients feel great about their smile and overall dental health. Over the years, I have been able to develop a broad knowledge of all aspects of dentistry that has allowed me to clearly explain dental procedures in a way that helps patients feel comfortable, confident and safe.


Outside of my time at the office, I enjoy spending time with my husband, kids, and grandkids.

Image of Solstice Smiles Dental Dental Assistant Erika

Dental Assistant

Hello! My name is Erika, and I am a DANB-Certified Dental Assistant. I’m very proud to have been part of the wonderful Solstice Smiles Dental team since it opened. My role as a Dental Assistant allows me to educate patients on how best to take care of their oral health and I particularly love helping them create a smile they are proud of! 


Originally from La Paz in Bolivia, I speak both English and Spanish. In my free time, I enjoy baking, dancing, and spending time with my husband and son, Sebastian.

Layla Dental Hygienist Solstice Smiles Dental

Registered Dental Hygienist

Hello! My name is Layla and I'm a Registered Dental Hygienist at Solstice Smiles Dental. I grew up in Maryland and fell in love with dentistry at a young age which led me to attend dental hygiene school in Philadelphia, PA. I have over 15 years of experience in the dental field and have been practicing dental hygiene in MD and D.C. for the past three years.

I love the relationship I have with my patients and my number one priority is to educate them so that they truly understand the importance of their oral health.


My simple pleasures include spending time with my son and family and being outdoors. I am a nature lover, so activities like hiking, biking, going to the beach, and playing in the sand make me truly happy.

Mohammed Dental Hygienist Solstice Smiles Dental

Registered Dental Hygienist

Hello! My name is Mohammed, one of your Registered Dental Hygienists at Solstice Smiles Dental. As a Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences graduate, I'm licensed in both Massachusetts and DC. I'm focused on patient care and well-being including providing top-notch care and sharing handy tips with my patients to improve their dental routine to keep those smiles glowing!

When I'm not making smiles shine, I enjoy yoga and hiking. I'm also an architecture lover and avid photographer. You might spot me snapping cityscapes and beautiful buildings – it's my thing.

Administrative Team

Image of Solstice Smiles Dental Admin Team Kay

Administrative Team

Hello! My name is Kisanet (everyone calls me Kay) and I have been working with Dr. Fitzpatrick for over six years. As a Business Assistant, I help to manage the administrative aspects of the dental practice. What I enjoy the most is working closely with patients to ensure they receive the best treatment and have a consistently positive experience at each visit at Solstice Smiles Dental. 


I have a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and I proudly speak three languages — English, Tigrinya and Amharic.


In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my loved ones. I am a self care enthusiast and I’m coffee obsessed! Ask me about where to find the best coffee in town!

Image of Solstice Smiles Dental Admin Team Terin

Administrative Team

Hello! My name is Terin and as a Business Assistant at Solstice Smiles Dental, you will certainly see my smiling face greeting you when you enter our dental practice! 


I attended Howard University and have over 20 years of experience in the dental field. I recently joined the team at Solstice Smiles Dental helping to manage business operations and coordination of patient care. I enjoy working with our amazing team in this role as it allows me to advocate for patient health. Patient health and wellness is something I feel extremely passionate about. 


Your care and comfort is always our top priority and I look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your dental journey!

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