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iTero Element 5D Scanner


One Imaging System to Do it All

At Solstice Smiles Dental, we always aim to use the best technology available to improve our patients’ dental experience. The iTero 5D Element scanner has advanced digital imaging capabilities that allow us to quickly and comfortably scan your teeth at every visit to ensure comprehensive preventative and restorative dental care — all without harmful radiation.


Early Detection is Key 

The iTero 5D Element is the first imaging system to use near-infrared imaging (NIRI) technology that lets us scan the internal structure of your teeth in real-time. It can analyze the entire tooth structure to detect small fractions or early tooth decay — even in the hard-to-see areas between the teeth that may not show up on an X-ray. With early detection, our team team can use preventative measures to fix problems before they become more complicated and painful issues.


See Your Treatment Simulation

The digital impressions and crisp intraoral scanning technologies are not only more comfortable for our patients, but also allow our doctors to see a much sharper view of your oral health. We can show you a simulation of your treatment results, including Invisalign, so you can make a more informed decision on your oral health.


The Invisalign Outcome Simulator can also show you how your treatment is progressing with iTero TimeLapse technology. We can ensure your teeth are progressing in the correct way, and we also find that when our patients can see the changes over time, they are more likely to stay engaged in the process and take better care of their teeth, creating even better results!

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