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CBCT Scanner

Image of a CBCT Scanner
Image oof a CBCT dental X-ray

CBCT Scanner

By using advanced technology such as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) at our dental office in Petworth, Dr. Fitz can provide you with the most accurate insights into your oral health. There may still be a need for traditional 2D X-rays, but our VaTech i3D Smart Plus CBCT/Pano machine provides 3D images of not only your teeth, but also your soft tissues, nerve pathways, and the bones in your jaw and face. 


CBCT scans are a fast, non-invasive way to get the clearest images of your mouth without the need for you to hold down uncomfortable X-ray film in your mouth for prolonged periods of time. You can just walk into the CBCT machine and in a few minutes, you will be all done without any pain!

CBCT technology offers a complete view of your dental needs so that Dr. Fitz can provide you with the most accurate diagnosis, treatment planning, and evaluation of certain conditions. This technology works great for dental implant planning, visualization of abnormal teeth, evaluation of the jaws and face, and the diagnosis of cavities, root canals, and dental traumas. Dr. Fitz can show you the incredible 3D images and use them to talk you through your treatment needs so that you feel in full control of your treatment plan.

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