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Dentures are often associated with older people and messy adhesives, however people of any age may require dentures, for example, if you’ve experienced advanced gum disease, tooth injuries, or severe tooth decay. 


In addition to dental bridges and dental implants, dentures can be one of the options to replace missing teeth, depending on how many teeth you’ve lost. 


If you still have some of your original teeth, a partial denture may be the right choice for you. Unlike a bridge, partial dentures are removable which may be a preferred option for some people. Some dental issues may require removing all your teeth and replacing them with a full denture to prevent future dental problems and health issues.


After an evaluation of your teeth, Dr. Fitz will provide you with a custom solution for your situation and discuss your personal preferences. The good news is that treatment techniques and technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, so our Petworth dental team is able to get an extremely accurate impression of your bone ridge to ensure your denture fits perfectly to your mouth and your artificial teeth match your chosen color, shape and size to give you a natural looking smile you’ve only dreamed about.

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