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5 Ways To Get Your Child Excited About The Dentist

February is National Children's Dental Health Month and is a time to promote the benefits of teaching good oral health habits to children at a young age (and their caregivers) so they can experience a lifetime of great oral health.

As a family dental practice, Solstice Smiles Dental welcomes patients of all ages and we highly encourage you to bring your child to our dental office in Petworth as early as possible for their first dental visit so they get comfortable with being at the dentist — Dr. Fitzpatrick usually recommends 12 months or within 6 months of getting their first tooth!

Dr. Fitz and team pride themselves on their 5-star, kind and caring service which makes all patients feel extremely comfortable while getting their dental exam and cleanings. As a mother herself, Dr. Fitz is passionate about ensuring good oral health becomes second nature for children so that they don’t experience a life of unnecessary painful dental issues that could be avoided with a good attitude towards visiting the dentist, brushing, and flossing!

If your child is already exhibiting concerns about brushing their teeth, Dr. Fitz has put together a list of ways to get around these challenges:

  1. Practice brushing using their favorite stuffie or doll.

  2. Have a brush teeth dance party — choose their favorite song to help them brush their teeth for the duration of the song.

  3. Involve your child in picking out their toothbrush and toothpaste flavor — you can find most kid’s favorite characters on a toothbrush these days!

  4. Take turns brushing so your child feels involved in their teeth cleaning. You can even let them help brush your teeth!

  5. Give them the choice of brushing their teeth standing up or lying down (it can be easier to get to the back teeth when they are lying down).

If you haven’t booked your child’s first appointment, please get in touch with our team to arrange one — the earlier the better. We do our best to make the little ones feel as comfortable as possible and make it a fun experience for them. They even get to take home a special goodie from our dental office in Petworth which they usually get so excited about! We look forward to welcoming you and your family soon!


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