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Bleach Before The Beach! Get That Summer Smile You’ve Been Dreaming Of

As summer fast approaches, everyone looks for a little confidence boost to get you in the mood for some summer adventures.

For patients treated in the month of May - July, 2022 Solstice Smiles Dental will provide 25% OFF our professional in-office and take-home GLO Teeth Whitening treatment combo!

Smiling has been known to boost not only your confidence but also your immune system! So instead of being self-conscious about stains or discoloration on your teeth, let Dr. Fitzpatrick work with you to create the perfect shade for your smile and in turn, help your overall health and mental health by smiling more!

Your Petworth dentist uses the GLO professional teeth whitening system to transform your tooth color. The special bleaching agent works alongside a high-intensity light that boosts the effectiveness of the bleach — setting you up to go from bleach to the beach! Depending on your needs, some of our patients have achieved up to 12 shades whiter in just an hour of treatment. The added benefit is that there’s little to no sensitivity so it’s an effective, enjoyable, and pain-free whitening experience.

Solstice Smiles Dental also provides a take-home teeth whitening kit that can be used as a way to top up your professionally whitened teeth. Another recommendation to keep your teeth whiter for longer is to avoid staining foods such as berries, coffee, and red wine as well as avoiding tobacco products.

Find out more about teeth whitening or our “Bleach Before the Beach” teeth whitening combo offer by calling our office or arranging a consultation with Dr. Fitz at our state-of-the-art dental practice in Petworth, D.C.


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